Paul McDermott

Co-Founder/Managing Partner

Paul has over 40 years of successful construction and real estate development experience and was the first commercial real estate executive in Chicago to earn the PMP (Project Management Professional) designation. His expertise includes cost and schedule analysis, contract negotiation, construction supervision and large-scale public/private development partnerships that include two 1,000-acre military base closure/redevelopment projects.

Bo Rodda

Managing Director, Innovation & Technology Group

A designer and architect, visual artist, urban technologist, innovation consultant, and Professor of Architecture and Data Science at Illinois Institute of Technology as well as as SAIC in Chicago.Building Technology and Energy Efficiency Specialist at Argonne National Laboratory where he was a subject matter expert to the Laboratory’s sustainability and build technologies initiatives.

Steve Carter, PhD

Managing Director, Human Excellence Group

Steve has spent most over 20 years partnering with organizational leaders to help them realize the greatest possible value from relocation. Based on his MBA, “Managing the Development of High Performance Teams,” he grew a firm nationally recognized for assembling high performance teams, and influenced by his Ph.D. work in virtues-based leadership, Steve’s focus on human wellbeing in organizational communities led him to sponsor and participate in the nationally acclaimed mindset process, which recently completed an extensive research effort regarding which recently completed an effort regarding wellness and wellbeing in built environments.

Iain Dickie, AIA, PMP, LEED

Senior Manager, Real Estate Group

An accomplished building design and project management professional with over 25 years of experience. His strengths include managing diverse multi-discipline project teams, active interface with client/stakeholders, scheduling/budgeting, managing contracts, and team leadership. Comprehensive knowledge of all phases of the project delivery process: conception through turn over. His experience includes a wide variety of complex project types.

Robert L. Schout

Development Analyst, Real Estate Group,

has almost 50 years of successful real estate development experience particularly with large scale projects. He has been responsible for long range planning, land acquisition, development planning, entitlement and underwriting on mega-projects including two projects in excess of 35,000 acres for the City of Detroit, Henry Ford II, Ford Land Development Company, Prudential Insurance, AIG, Allen & Co, and the Taubman Company.

Steven Philpott

Senior Manager, Innovation & Technology Group

works with brands to create public/private New Media for Community Development innovations that provide mutual benefit to both brands and distressed communities. Clients have included Chicago Beverage Systems, Reyes Beverage Group, American Express, Merrill Lynch, Northeast Utilities, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, University of Virginia School of Pharmaceutics & UAL- United Airlines.

Tom Paige

Director, Transportation Systems Group

is a former NASA scientist and was most recently co-founder and President of Urban Systems Laboratories, a California non-profit designed to assist key state, regional, and municipal governments in their efforts to drive the development of large-scale public-sector technologies.