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As the world becomes more connected, cities are competing ever more fiercely for residents who will help them prosper. 

Competition between cities is growing. With the advent of globalization, cities now vie for residents, investment, and ideas – not only from neighboring cities but from all around the globe. People, particularly young high achievers, are increasingly willing to move to find the best opportunities. If cities are to survive and prosper, it is therefore up them to attract these citizens by providing better prospects than those of the competition.

Cities are like Magnets

It is important to understand how cities behave in the modern world. Cities are like magnets, in that they can either attract or repel new residents, visitors and business investment. For a city to develop a strong magnetic pull, its leaders need to make conscious decisions about who, when and how they want to manage the migration of people, ideas and investment to and from the city. This can be achieved only if they have a clear vision, implemented by strong, inspiring leadership. C

The Civilocity Vision

We believe that cities are the world's greatest innovation engines. They are where the world's great minds come together to solve big problems and realize big dreams- this is true more now than perhaps any other time. The consequence however is that the demands on our cities are outpacing

Population booms cause a strain on resources like traffic, waste and utility management, the domestic workforce is changing, and big data analytics has turned data into a utility.




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